Progression of needs after breast surgery

Always confirm with your doctor for items to wear after breast surgery. The healing process is different for everyone.

Immediately after surgery there are several items for comfort, ease, and healing that will fit you and your life style.

  • *Post-operative front opener / or front zip compression vest
  • *Post-operative front opener/ or front zip leisure bra
  • *Post-operative camisole with removable drain pouch and non-weighted puff

2-3 weeks after surgery

  • *Leisure bra with front opener
  • *Light weight foam breast form




6 weeks after surgery, after all the swelling and fluid has subsided

  • *Mastectomy bras that fit you and your life style
  • *Breast prosthesis to help restore balance and a natural look

For ladies going through additional treatments, there are garments for the comfort and support you may need.

The Amoena Theraport Radiation Therapy bra is specially designed for wear immediately after any type of breast surgery or while undergoing radiation treatments.

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